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4 Types Of Videos Every Business Should Feature On Their Website

The post 4 Types Of Videos Every Business Should Feature On Their Website appeared first on HostGator Blog . 5 Types Of Videos Every Business Should Have On Their Website You’ve put together a pretty good first website for your business, and it’s doing OK. Visitors stick around, browse your store or view your portfolio, and contact you or make purchases. It’s a good start, for sure. But what if you want more customers, more sales and higher average order values without having to change your business model, product offerings, or services? Add videos. Here are five types of video that can help your business website earn you more customers and more revenue. 1. Product Videos Sell products? You need product videos . You might not think that a 30-second video of someone opening and closing a purse or using a cordless drill is a valuable marketing tool, but the numbers don’t lie. Established online retailers have reported increases in conversion rates of anywhere from 64 to 85% higher for products with videos . Why? Especially for expensive products, customers want know as much as possible about the item before they buy. An effective product video, like this 39-second Tory Burch bag video at Zappos shows customers in detail what they’re getting. If you sell products online, you can still use testimonial videos. Embedding and sharing user-generated content and video reviews by customers delivers the impact of testimonials without the expense of producing your own content. Shoppers tend to trust customer-made videos and are 97% more likely to buy after they see user-created videos.   2. Case Study Videos Do your customers have complex problems to solve? You need case study videos . A case study is similar to a testimonial, but it shows a business audience how your product helped a client solve a particular problem, like rebranding a website in this HostGator video case study . As with a testimonial, you should include clients and let them talk about their experiences. You may also want to include some hard numbers to quantify exactly how much your business helped this client (for example, did you raise their traffic, revenue or something else) but don’t pelt viewers with too many spoken stats. Keep the overall message simple and easy to absorb and your customers will remember it better.   3. Tutorial Videos Do your customers have questions? You need tutorial videos . Tutorials can keep your customers happy by showing them how to get the most value from what you sell. These videos can also persuade new customers to buy, because they can see the level of support they’ll get. The most effective tutorial videos walk viewers through each and every step in a process, like this tutorial on how to set up your WordPress website or blog. Another type of tutorial shows customers what they can do with your products. For example, Sephora produces tutorials on covering under-eye bags, achieving new nail art looks, doing wedding makeup, and more using products they sell. These videos typically cost more and take longer to produce than screen-based tutorials; if your business doesn’t have a Sephora-level marketing budget, user-generated tutorial videos are another option. And sometimes, tutorial videos are your product, or at least part of your product mix. This detailed post on using videos for infopreneurship , from product type to production. For example, in addition to in-studio classes and workshops, a growing number of dance performers and instructors now offer streaming video instruction and live online lessons on Patreon to expand their customer base far beyond their local market and the workshop circuit.   4. About Us Videos Want new customers? You need an “about us” video . Not only do customers want to put faces with names, they also want to get a sense of how your business operates and where it fits in the community. Thrift nonprofit Goodwill condenses more than 100 years of history into this short “about us” video that also showcases the group’s mission and international scope. Even if your business is brand-new, viewers will still want to know why you started it, how you take care of customers, who works with you, and how you make the products or deliver the services you sell. Just keep in mind the main rule of “about us” content – it’s really about showing what you can do for your customers. In addition to your main about us video, you can keep your video content for this section of your site fresh by embedding social video that you shoot at pop-up events, trade shows, and in your warehouse, workshop, or studio.   Videos for Your Business Website You may be thinking that this is a lot of video to plan, script, shoot, edit, and post, and you’re right. However, video doesn’t have to happen all at once, so start with one type of video and keeping going from there. Remember that video marketing, like other marketing, should be ongoing to reflect the evolution of your business and your audience. Find the post on the HostGator Blog Continue reading

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