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What Is a Dedicated IP Server?

The post What Is a Dedicated IP Server? appeared first on HostGator Blog . When you’re searching around, trying to find the best type of hosting for your website you’re going to have a lot of decisions to make. But, what makes your choice even more difficult is the often confusing terminology that’s associated with each type of hosting. One of the things that can trip up a lot of people is a dedicated IP address. What is it? Do you need one? Will it benefit your website? What is a dedicated IP server? If you’ve been considering a dedicated IP address or dedicated hosting in general, then this post is for you. Below we’ll clear up all the confusion surrounding dedicated IP addresses, along with defining dedicated hosting , so you can make the best decision for your website. What is a Dedicated IP Address? First, we’ll begin with a standard IP address. An IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies a machine that’s connected to a network. In this case, the machine would be the server, while the network would be the internet as a whole. An IP address is then translated by the Domain Name System (DNS) to an associated domain name. There are two types of IP addresses currently in existence. The longest running is IPv4, which is the original formulation of an IP address. This initial inception has allowed for the creation of billions of IP addresses. However, since the number of servers and devices connected to the internet continues to grow, this has led to the creation of IPv6 addresses. This style of IP address isn’t commonly used, but it will become much more common in the future. IPv6 addresses are longer than IPv4, which offers even more combinations of IP addresses for future devices and servers. You’ll find that some hosting companies are already offering IPv6 addresses. However, not all routers will support them, so most website owners are better off using the classic IPv4 until IPv6 becomes mainstream. Now, if you’re currently on a shared hosting plan, then you’re probably also sharing an IP address since IP addresses are assigned to a single server. However, your host will automatically route traffic to the correct website, even though you’re sharing an IP address with hundreds or thousands of other sites. This process happens instantly and takes place entirely behind the scenes, so users won’t even know the transfer has occurred. The next level of IP address is a dedicated IP address. With a dedicated IP address, your IP address is yours and yours alone. You can either have a dedicated IP address paired with a single website, or a dedicated server that has its own IP address, which you can use for multiple websites that you own.   What is Dedicated IP Hosting? Dedicated IP hosting can actually be pretty broad in scope. It can refer to any form of web hosting with a dedicated IP address . So, you can have dedicated IP and shared hosting coupled  together, or even a dedicated server with a dedicated IP address (most common). Some forms of hosting will come equipped with a dedicated IP address no matter what. Typically, this is a standard feature of both dedicated hosting and VPS hosting packages. This isn’t the main reason you’ll want to use these styles of hosting, but for some website owners, it will be a valuable feature. With dedicated IP hosting you’re getting all of the dedicated IP address benefits (which we cover in detail below).   Why Would You Use a Dedicated IP Address? Most website owners probably won’t find a ton of value in upgrading to dedicated IP address hosting, unless they’re at the level where upgrading to a dedicated server also makes sense. Dedicated IP addresses don’t offer the same level of benefits that they used to, but there are still some tangible advantages that certain site owners might find useful. Here are some of the most common benefits you’ll receive when using a dedicated IP address.   1. Better Email Deliverability Some website owners will prefer to send email through the host, instead of using a traditional email provider like Gmail. Or, they might use email forwarding to send emails through their host with a domain-associated email address, while still managing emails through a traditional email provider. Whichever approach you’re taking, one thing you’ll want to ensure is that you maintain a high level of deliverability. In some cases, if you’re using a shared IP address you can run into deliverability issues, which means your emails will never reach the recipient’s inbox. If another user on the same server is causing spam complaints, then this could affect you too. With a dedicated IP address, you can ensure this will never become an issue, as long as you’re not spamming yourself.   2. Use of an SSL Certificate You may be wondering, do you need a dedicated IP for SSL certificates? Well, a dedicated IP address used to be a requirement for an SSL certificate. Since Google is making having a SSL certificate a necessity to avoid a security warning, more and more site owners are installing them on their own sites. Today there’s a technology known as Server Name Identification (SNI), which makes it so dedicated IP address is no longer a requirement. No matter what your current IP address and hosting setup are you can install and reap the benefits of an SSL certificate. Don’t know what an SSL certificate is or why you need one ? Check out our blog for helpful resources. However, not every hosting provider will support SNI. Check with your hosting provider to determine the requirements for installing and activating an SSL certificate .   3. Potential SEO benefits There’s still a lively debate that surrounds the SEO benefits of using a dedicated IP address. There isn’t really any tangible proof that using a dedicated IP will improve your rankings. But, there are some related performance metrics that might improve your rankings. For example, when you’re using a dedicated IP the chances are high that you’re also using a dedicated server. If you’re migrating from a shared server to a dedicated server you’ll see a definite improvement in your site’s performance. Since Google places a value on things like site loading time and overall performance, then you could see an increase in rankings. Having a dedicated IP address is a great way to speed up your website . However, there isn’t any data that supports the notion that solely using a dedicated IP address will have an SEO benefit.   4. Create Your Own Gaming Server Using a dedicated IP address will give you a greater level of server control. For example, you’ll be able to FTP into your web server right away, even before the domain has propagated. Or, you can access your website via IP address alone, instead of the domain name. Another useful feature is creating a gaming server . If you want to create your own server so you can play your favorite games, or host your own matches, then you’ll need a dedicated IP address, along with a dedicated server for games . For website owners who demand a higher level of control and customization, then a dedicated IP address is a must have.   What is a Dedicated Server? A dedicated server is a server that you have complete access to and control over. Instead of sharing server resources with other users all of the server resources can be used to power your website. If your site has outgrown a traditional shared hosting plan, then you might consider upgrading to a dedicated server . This type of hosting is very beneficial for larger sites that receive a high volume of traffic, or those that require custom server configurations. With a dedicated server, you have the resources of an entire web server at your disposal, for you to do whatever you wish. Whether that’s powering your website, running a gaming server, or something else entirely (as long as you’re in alignment with the host’s terms of service).   Pros of a Dedicated Server A dedicated server can provide a ton of advantages for the right kind of user. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll receive when upgrading to a dedicated server.   High Level of Performance When using a dedicated server you have the full power of the server behind you. You won’t be sharing any server bandwidth, disc space, memory, or any other processing resources with other users. As a result, you’ll get an incredibly high level of server performance. If you have a very large and high traffic site and are reaching the limits of your dedicated server, you can also upgrade hardware components to support your growing site.   Ability to Customize Your Server When you’re using a shared hosting plan you’re limited to whatever server configuration the host is providing. But, with a dedicated server, you’ll have a much higher level of control. For example, you’ll be able to choose your own server operating system, install unique software, and even make hardware customizations to ensure optimum performance.   Fast Site Loading Speeds Dedicated servers are fast. If you place a high level of importance on your site’s speed and user experience (which you should be), then a dedicated server can easily help you meet these needs. Even if you have a very high volume of monthly traffic, you’ll still be able to deliver your users an incredible experience.   Improved Website Security Dedicated servers are also very secure. Since you’re the only user who’s using the server you’ll be able to create custom security protocols, like firewalls, web security checker , and more. You also won’t have to worry about any other sites sharing the server having weak security standards, like you do when using shared hosting.   Cons of a Dedicated Server However, a dedicated server isn’t perfect. Here are some of the disadvantages that might turn you away from using a dedicated server:   High Level of Technical Expertise Required When using a dedicated server your hosting company generally won’t provide that much technical assistance. Server setup, configuration, maintenance, and more will all fall on your shoulders. If you don’t have the necessary technical skills, then you’ll probably need to bring on a team member for server configuration and maintenance. However, some hosting providers will offer managed dedicated servers. In this scenario, the hosting provider will help to manage your server environment and take care of server setup, maintenance, updates, optimization, and more.   Higher Monthly Hosting Costs Dedicated server hosting is generally one of the most expensive forms of hosting. Since you’re not sharing server resources with any other users, you won’t be splitting these costs either. But, with these higher costs you’re getting access to extensive server resources that’ll greatly improve site performance. However, if you’re the type of website owner who could benefit from a dedicated server, then you probably have the revenue to justify the cost. It’s also possible to save on cheap dedicated server hosting cost with more affordable plans.   What is a Dedicated IP Server? The term dedicated IP server is commonly thrown around in relation to dedicated IP addresses and dedicated servers. This term has a more broad definition, but generally, it refers to a dedicated server that’s equipped with a dedicated IP address. When you’re using a dedicated server this will have it’s own IP address, known as a dedicated IP address. However, you can also have multiple dedicated IP addresses on a single dedicated server. This can be useful if you have multiple websites that you’d like to host on a single dedicated server. In some cases, a dedicated IP server can refer to any kind of web hosting configuration that’s using a dedicated IP address. But, most often it’s a dedicated IP address paired with a dedicated server.   Closing Thoughts A general rule of thumb is that if you need a dedicated IP address, then you’re the kind of user who could also benefit from having their own server, or a dedicated IP server. Generally, having a dedicated IP address on a shared host is less common as there are multiple levels of software configuration that need to take place for this to work. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what a dedicated IP address is, why you want one, and how it relates to a dedicated IP server . For further questions regarding our web hosting plans, please contact HostGator today. Find the post on the HostGator Blog Continue reading

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What Are Dedicated Servers for Games?

The post What Are Dedicated Servers for Games? appeared first on HostGator Blog . If you love playing video games, then you’ve probably considered running your own gaming server. There’s nothing more frustrating than slow loading games, dropped connections, or experiencing lag that makes gameplay impossible. Issues like these are one of the main reasons gamers decide to use their own dedicated servers. Dedicated server hosting can help to provide the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you’re looking to improve gaming experience across the board or want to create a server environment your friends can enjoy too, then upgrading to a dedicated server just makes sense. Below we look at what a dedicated server actually is, how they can help to improve gaming, as well as the top considerations to take into account when choosing a dedicated server for gaming. What is a Dedicated Server? To start we’ll break down what a dedicated server actually is. Essentially a dedicated server is a physical server that’s dedicated entirely to a single user, you’re not sharing server resources with any other users. Usually, these are used by website owners who have very large websites, receive a high volume of traffic, require a customized server environment, or need enhanced levels of website security like a SSL. However, the great thing about dedicated servers is that they’re incredibly versatile. Once you sign up for a dedicated server package, you can use this server however you desire, including running your very own gaming server. Dedicated servers usually allow for hardware customizations, a variety of operating systems to choose from, firewalls and security monitoring, ongoing maintenance, regular backups, and a dedicated support team. Dedicated servers tend to be towards the higher end of the price spectrum, but there are a ton of advantages that you can’t get with any other style of web hosting , especially if a high level of gaming experience is what you’re after. What you’ll pay for a dedicated server depends upon the length of your contact (monthly, yearly, or multiple years), the company you decide to go with, and the type of dedicated server you require.   What is a Dedicated Server for Gaming? A dedicated server for gaming is a dedicated server that has the requisite requirements to effectively run any game while offering a very high level of performance. What’s required from your server will depend upon the game you’d like to run and how many players you’ll want to have using the server at any given time. If you’re running your own gaming server , some games won’t allow you to charge people to play the game, especially if they’re free and open source. Others, however, are fine with you charging an entrance fee in order to utilize your server. Overall, monetizing your gaming server depends upon the hosting company you’re renting the server from, along with the games you’ll be running via your server. Most hosting companies that offer dedicated servers for gaming will have specialized software that will speed up the game configuration process. At the very least, a company offering dedicated gaming servers will have the necessary hardware to run games at peak capacity.   How Dedicated Servers Improve Gaming There are many dedicated IP benefits you should be aware of, especially for gaming. Sometimes the servers provided by the gaming company won’t cut it, or you’re looking to create the ultimate gaming server for your own games or a place where your online team can practice. Whatever your reason a dedicated gaming server can offer you a ton of advantages. Here are some of the most common benefits you’ll realize when upgrading to a dedicated gaming server.   1. Better Gaming Performance Probably the biggest reason you’ll want to run a dedicated gaming server is to provide a better overall gaming experience. If you’ve been running a game that allows for the use of a dedicated server, then you should probably make the upgrade, if you really care about gaming performance. For example, most games will look for the best connection. But, if the game is incredibly popular, or even if it’s older and there are fewer players, then it might be hard to find a stable connection. Most games will rely on peer-to-peer connection, but sometimes this can be slow of glitchy, depending on the internet connection. Sometimes gaming companies will even provide their own dedicated servers, but due to the cost, most gaming companies will not provide them.   2. More Control and Customization With a dedicated gaming server, you’ll have a much greater level of control over the gaming experience. Some games will even allow you to modify the gameplay, so you can create certain rules, or even control how the game is played. You’ll also be able to control who is allowed onto the gaming server. You’ll be able to add or remove users with ease. This can be valuable if you want to create a gaming server for your friends, or if you want to host a server that allows you and your team to practice, before playing online. In some cases, you can also install software that effectively acts as an anti-cheating tool. This will help provide your server with necessary security measures, so other people can’t manipulate the code to their own advantage.   3. Decreased Level of Lag One of the biggest effects on the overall playability of a game is lag. High lag usually comes into play when a user has a slow internet connection, or they’re connecting from another far-off part of the world. This not only provides them with a poor gaming experience, but it will also affect other users who’re playing the game as well. If you have a team member experiencing a high level of lag, then they could cost your more matches. Overall, teams who are experiencing less lag will tend to win more games and matches. By running your own dedicated server you can help to reduce issues that surround lag for you and any other players who are using the same server.   3. Greater Reliability With a dedicated server, you’ll experience higher levels of reliability than any other type of server. With other types of server environments, like shared servers, you’re competing for server resources with potentially hundreds of other sites. This increases the chances that your server could be temporarily offline when you need it the most. As always, it’s important that you fully understand both dedicated IP and shared hosting plans before choosing the right one for you and your website. Dedicated servers have an extremely high level of uptime, sometimes reaching as high as 100%. Of course, there are minor times when server maintenance needs to be done, but beyond keeping your server up to date there shouldn’t be any other reasons your server will be offline. This means that whenever you want to play a game or host an epic multiplayer match you’ll be able to count on your server.   Considerations When Choosing a Dedicated Gaming Server If you’re sold on getting a dedicated gaming server you’ll want to keep some things in mind throughout your search. Not every company that offers dedicated servers will make it easy to run games on your server. Beyond looking for a hosting provider that actually offers dedicated gaming servers here are some tangible requirements to keep in mind:   1. Know Your Gaming Resource Requirements Every game has different hardware and software requirements. Some online games have massive resource requirements and you’ll need to ensure your server environment is up to the task. If the overarching goal of running a dedicated gaming server is an improved gameplay experience, then you’ll need a server with sufficient resources. You’ll also need to consider how many people you’ll have playing on average. For example, if you’re maxing out server resources with solo gameplay, then you’ll need to upgrade to a server that has a higher level of available resources.   2. Required Memory and Bandwidth Sever memory and bandwidth are two of the main hardware requirements you’ll need to look out for. With enough memory and bandwidth you’ll be able to have a lightning fast connection. You’ll want to invest in a higher bandwidth host, so you can ensure that any games you run will run smoothly.   3. Don’t Choose on Price Alone If you’re trying to save money, then a dedicated gaming server might not be for you. A dedicated server is typically the most expensive forms of hosting you’ll find. You may be able to find cheap dedicated server hosting options, but this could come at a cost of negatively impacting the gameplay experience. With a cheaper provider, you’ll usually have to sacrifice server performance, lack of customer service, and more.   4. Look for a Knowledgeable Support Team Unless you’re an expert in server technology you’ll want to have a solid technical support team behind you. Most dedicated server environments require at least some level of technical expertise to configure and get up and running. But if you’ve set everything up correctly and you still run into an error, you’ll want to be able to troubleshoot the issue with a team of experts. In some cases, you might also be able to find a managed dedicated server. Instead of having to deal with server setup, maintenance, optimization, and any other technical tasks on your own you’ll have a team of experts do it for you. This option is usually more costly but can be very valuable if you don’t have the necessary technical skills.   5. Bundled or Available Server Software Most dedicated servers will offer you the choice of server software to install. You’ll need to make sure that the server software you go with will support your game of choice. If you want to run multiple games on the same dedicated server, then look at the software requirements and ensure they match up. Generally, this won’t be an issue, but some games will have very specific requirements. Beyond the initial dedicated server software requirements, your host might also offer additional software that’ll help morph your standard server into a gaming server with little effort on your part.   Can’t I Just Run a Gaming Server At Home? When you’re doing research and trying to find the perfect dedicated gaming server the question might arise: why don’t I just run my own gaming server? However, if you’re thinking about going this route just know that it’ll require a high level of technical expertise, and you probably won’t be able to get the levels of performance you’re looking for. A dedicated server is technically just a computer that’s connected to the internet. But, a remote dedicated server provided by a hosting company will have all of the specialized server hardware that’s uniquely configured to run the required server software. Simply trying to piece together a server on your own might work, but then you have to think about ongoing maintenance, security, and a lot more. Not only that but if your server crashes you won’t have a support team you can rely on to help you diagnose the issue. You’ll probably spend more time trying to setup and maintain your own server than actually gaming, or hosting games for your friends. Overall, doing your web hosting with a dedicated IP is going to be your best course of action.   Is a Dedicated Server Right for Your Game Environment? If you’re a serious gamer, you can’t go wrong with a dedicated server when making a gaming website . By choosing a high-quality hosting provider you can ensure you’ll get a dedicated gaming server that offers you unparalleled levels of performance, along with the resources required so you can play your favorite games. The process of setting up your own gaming server can be a little technical. But, with the help of a dedicated support team behind you, it might be easier than you think. Plus, you’ll have ultimate freedom in creating your own custom game environment, from your own gameplay options, to who you want to let play with you. Although a dedicated server might be a little costly, for some having the ability to create your own gaming experience, and offer the highest level of gameplay possible is too much to pass up. However, keep in mind that the quality of the host you choose does matter, especially in regards to overall performance, security, and the support team you’ll have behind you. Find the post on the HostGator Blog Continue reading

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Creating a Plan to Build Your Gaming Website

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The Ultimate Guide to Dedicated Gaming Servers

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